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Chernivtsi – Ukraine's singing capital

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Olha Kobylyahska Sreet in Chernivtsi. Olha Kobylyahska Sreet in Chernivtsi. Photo: Ganna Belovolchenko.

Chernivtsi – a city in western Ukraine, which rightly deserves not only the title «pearls of architecture» but also «little Paris».

Chernivtsi – one of the oldest cities in Ukraine: the first brick was laid over 600 years ago. Currently a regional center for the Chernivtsi region.

Industry in Chernivtsi is represented by ten sectors, most important among them – food, light industry, machinery and wood industry.

On many travel companies' top lists, the city takes first place among the most wanted for visitors.

Chernivtsi – the historical center of Bukovyna (historical area, ed.) And together with Lviv is considered the cultural center of western Ukraine.


Chernivtsi is located in southwest Ukraine 425 km from the capital and 40 km from the Romanian border. The city is located on the banks of the Prut River and its total area is 150,000 square kilometers.

Chernivtsi's history

The city was founded in 1408 and became known until 1944 as «Chernovitsy». In 1488, Chernivtsi got Magdeburg law which gave a major boost to the development.

Ukraine Chernivtsi Turkish Square photo Ganna Belovolchenko

Blossoming Watch at Turkish Square in Chernivrsi was made for the city's 600th anniversary.

The city's main symbols

Chernivtsi symbols – a coat of arms, flag, mayor-honorary chain and the medal «For the Glory of Chernivtsi». The city has a new special feature: the tourist logo and slogan: «The unique of the diversity».


It will be convenient to travel to Chernivtsi by bus, trolleybus and taxi. You can get to the city via the train station, bus station or the international airport «Chernivtsi».

Population composition

Chernivtsi is home to over 65 nationalities. The multiculturalism consists of: Ukrainians (80 %), Russians (12 %), Romans (5 %), Moldovans (2 %) and others.

Tourist attractions in Chernivtsi

For lovers of picturesque architectural ensembles, Chernivtsi will be a pleasant surprise.

The heart of the city – Central Square, formerly called Rinhplyats. Today there is the City Hall (45 m high), built in the 19th century. Every day at 12:00 a trumpeter is playing the melody «Marichka».

One should visit Ensemble Theater Square with the city's theater. Here you will meet 19th-20th century Austrian architects' buildings: the city's main theater, named Olha Kobylyanska, Central Palace of Culture, Regional Officers House and smiling faces of Chernivtsi people who relax in a small park nearby.

Ukraine Chernivtsi Teatralna Square photo Ganna Belovolchenko

Theater Square (Teatralna ploscha – in Ukr.) In Chernivtsi.

The next stop – Olha Kobylyanska street. When you go there, it's good to remember that before it was the most elegant street called Pans'ka. Local claims that in ancient times they used roses to sweep the sidewalk and it was cleaned with water and soap.

Of course, one can not avoid the ancient residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian metropolis, which is now Chernivtsi University of Yurii Fed'kovych. Now the residence is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, so you can only see all the greatness of the buildings with a guide.

Ukraine Chernivtsi Seminary Church photo Ganna Belovolchenko

Seminary Church. One of the buildings of the former residence of Bukovinian and Dalmatian Metropolitan.

Behind the university there is a rhododendron park, which Chernivtsi's population calls English garden.

After visiting the city's main places, it is worth visiting the local churches (Holy Trinity Cathedral, St. Nicholas Cathedral, Church of the Assumption of the Heart of Jesus), Chernivtsi Walk of Stars, parks (Botanical Garden, Schiller Park etc.) and many other places.

Interesting facts

• It is believed that the name «Chernivtsi» comes from a fortified city, which served as defender of the Galician state for many years and was called Chern (mob in English, ed.). Defensive fortress walls were made of oak and coated with black soil so it looked very dark. When the Mongolian invasion destroyed the building, the remaining residents moved to Prut River, where they founded a new city in whose name the old name is part of.

• Natives on Bukovynas land are such prominent Ukrainian famous pop singers such as: Nazar Yaremchuk, Sofia Rotaru, Volodymyr Ivasjuk, Ivo Bobul, Maria Yaremchuk (represented Ukraine in Eurovision 2014, ed.) and others. That is why, Chernivtsi is called Ukraine's singing capital.

Ganna Belovolchenko,
student at Donetsk National University,
journalistic faculty

Translation by Joergen Deleuran

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