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Holidays and red-letter days on 24 December of the calendar of Ukraine

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Snow-clad trees. Snow-clad trees. Photo: Joergen Deleuran.

Events and celebrations in the Ukrainian calendar year.

According to the Law of Ukraine, in cases where a public holiday falls on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the weekend is extended by one day.

Red marks the official holidays wich are days off.

Brown marks the official holidays which are working days.

Green marks the celebrations, which change date.

24 December

• Yevhen Zhelekhovsky was born (1844/12/24 – 1885/11/18) – Galician public figure, author and philologist.

• Konstiantyn Dankevych was born (1905/12/24 – 1984/02/26) – Ukrainian composer, conductor, pianist and music teacher.

• In the Kyiv region, Vyacheslav Chernovol (1937/12/24 – 1999/03/25) was born – Ukrainian politician, dissident in the Soviet Union, journalist. One of the leaders of the Ukrainian National Democratic Liberation Movement in the late 1980s and 90s and one of the founders of the People's Rukh in Ukraine. Hero of Ukraine (2000).

• The largest sugar factory in the Soviet Union was launched in the Khmelnytsky region (1975).

• AN-124 «Ruslan» rose for the first time to the sky (1982).

• Day for employees in archives (since 1998).

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