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EU expects further reforms in Ukraine

Reforms in Ukraine have always been a priority for the European Union, which directs financial and technical support to the country.

Chernihiv is the northernmost region center in Ukraine and one of the largest cities in the ancient Russian state.

The developed agro-industry in the Kyiv region stimulates scientific and technical development of the country.

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The Ukrainian legend Taras Shevchenko

The story of his life is more or less familiar to all Ukrainians. Taras Shevchenko – one of the most popular Ukrainians in the world.

The Donetsk Basin – a major center of Ukraine's coal and steel industry, which includes two regions – Donetsk and Luhansk.

Kharkiv region has a significant production capacity and is one of the largest commercial and industrial centers of Ukraine.

Chernihiv region is the East European plains and have a high potential for industry and tourism.

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Donetsk needs peace

A resident of Donetsk, mother of four Oksana told about her family’s life in the city at the moment.

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Ukraine is a state in Eastern Europe

Ukraine is an industrial-agricultural country and is in first place in terms of size among the countries which lie entirely in Europe.

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