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Gurzuf is famous for its view to the Bear Mountain

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Gurzuf on the Black Sea coast. In the background you can see the Bear Mountain. 2012. Gurzuf on the Black Sea coast. In the background you can see the Bear Mountain. 2012. Photo: Jørgen Deleuran.

Gurzuf is located by the Black Sea in a scenic area at Aju-Day (Bear Mountain) in the Yalta region and has approx. 12,000 inhabitants.


Throughout time, Gurzuf has been one of the favorite resorts of Russia's tsars and other upper classes. Later, artists – painters, musicians and writers – have applied to the city and still do, as it has its very own charm. The town has many small streets and alleys with beautiful and distinctive buildings, as well as a 12 acre park with more than 100 different species of exotic trees and shrubs.

gurzuf crimea ukraine street www.curiousua.com photo joergen deleuran

A typical street in Gurzuf. 2013.

The hollow mountain

Gurzuf has its name from the Bear Mountain (Bear = Ursus in Latin). The mountain emerged sometime in the past when there was volcanic activity on the site. Magma rose to the surface without ending in an actual eruption, but simply rose high above the earth's surface, after which it solidified into a mountain. Something special about the mountain is that it is hollow.

The town is also known for the two distinctive Adalary Rocks, which are a few hundred meters from the coast. This is a favorite place for divers.

gurzuf crimea ukraine adalary rocks www.curiousua.com photo joergen deleuran

The Adalary Rocks. 2013.

Summer camp for children

The international children's center Artek is also located in Gurzuf. A number of exciting activities for children have been organized here for several decades. Every summer, Artek is visited by up to 4,000 children. Over the years, Artek has invited children from 35 different countries to visit the camp.


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