Jørgen Deleuran

Jørgen Deleuran

Sevastopol, formerly known as Sebastopol, is a port city in Ukraine, and is located on the Black Sea coast of the Crimean peninsula.

Ekaterina Makarenko has to be compensated by her deceased husband's employer's insurance company, but the case processing is long-term.

A case of an occupational accident that cost the Ukrainian Mykola Makarenko his life, has after 3 months not yet triggered compensation for the widow.

The Ukrainian youth organization in Denmark Lastivka organized charity concerts in Copenhagen and Odense on Saturday, 24th and Sunday 25th of January 2015.

About «Plan Crimea», poor Ukrainian politicians and no idea what can get Crimea back to Ukraine – by senior Flemming Splidsboel Hansen.

Flemming Splidsboel Hansen, senior scientist at the Danish Institute for International Studies, talks about hybrid war in Ukraine.

Until recently Russian propaganda in Danish could be heard from the radio station The Voice of Russia, but now it is also available online on the news website.

Parts of the Danish left wing propagandizing Putin's aggressive policy towards Ukraine.

44 Ukrainian children who lost their fathers in the war in Østukraine on 2-week summer camp in Denmark.

About his first trip to Ukraine, namely the peninsula Crimea, the Danish journalist and editor Joergen Deleuran recounts.

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