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Holidays and red-letter days on 7 May of the calendar of Ukraine

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Flowers on ribes. Flowers on ribes. Photo: Joergen Deleuran.

Events and celebrations in the Ukrainian calendar year.

According to the Law of Ukraine, in cases where a public holiday falls on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday), the weekend is extended by one day.

Red marks the official holidays wich are days off.

Brown marks the official holidays which are working days.

Green marks the celebrations, which change date.

7 May

Ivano-Frankivsk's Day. The city was founded in 1662. Ivano-Frankivsk is called the Capital of Smiths.

• The Ukrainian actor and dramatist, famous as one of the most brilliant experts and exponents of the Cossack life form, Mark Kropyvnytskyj was born (1840/05/07 – 1910/04/21).

• Ukrainian-Polish army conquered Kyiv (1920).

• Radio Day was celebrated for the first time in the Soviet Union in 1925, and since 1945 it is celebrated every year. In Independence Ukraine, it was consolidated in 1994 and was called Day of Radio, TV and Communication Workers.

• Kievlyanin Andrij Sinepunov became the first Ukrainian boxer – World Champion in Professional Boxing (1994).

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