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Ukrainian agricultural trainee in violent accident

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The Ukrainian agricultural trainee Andrii Ikin was severely injured on his legs when he cleaned a feed tank.


On pig producer Martin Lund Madsen's farm nearby Henne in Southwest Jutland Andrii Ikin on September 27, 2018, crawled down into a 6,000-liter feed tank to clean it with a high-pressure cleaner. The power had not been turned off and it resulted in a serious accident. So writes Fagbladet 3F (the largest Danish special journal created by trade union 3F).

While Andrii Ikin was in the feed tank, the stirrer suddenly started and both his legs were squeezed, resulting in extensive damage. Subsequently, the pig producer has received a fine of 60,000 DKK (about 9,000 USD), as it has been assessed that the work did not take place in a fully safe manner.

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Uncertain future

Andrii Ikin, after the accident, stayed for a few months at a recreation home in West Jutland until the sickness benefit ceased. He then stayed with his brother for a while, who lives in Denmark. Later he traveled back to his wife and little son in Ukraine. With him he had his savings of 15,000 DKK, which the family can live on for half a year.

What the prospects are, Andrii Ikin dont know yet. He is under rehabilitation and hopes that he some day will be able to walk normal, so that he again can start to work and support his family.

It has not been possible to find out whether Andrii Ikin will receive a compensation for the work injury.

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