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Russian Propaganda in Denmark – Radio The Voice of Russia

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Russian Propaganda in Denmark – Radio The Voice of Russia Grafik: Joergen Deleuran.

Until recently Russian propaganda in Danish could be heard from the radio station The Voice of Russia, but now it is also available online on the news website.

The Voice of Russia is definitely the main source of Russian propaganda in Denmark. The radio station was established in 1922 and was called Radio Moscow. By 1929 the station broadcasted in a few different languages. In the next few decades the area of broadcasting was expanded considerably and in its best times the radio went on the air in 77 different languages. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the amount of the stations and broadcasting languages was reduced drastically. Thus the broadcasting in Danish stopped in 1994. At the moment The Voice of Russia broadcasts information in 38 languages, also posts it on the internet where all information can be found in Danish since 2013.

Untruthful propaganda

The language on the station, however, is kept on the civilized level comparing to another online-media, which we will be writing about tomorrow. At the same time The Voice of Russia cannot get rid of blames of providing untruthful propaganda. For instance, the station still tries to convince that there are more tourists this year in Crimea than in previous one. But this is contradicting even the Crimea official’s data reporting almost 55 percent decreasing number of tourists this year.

The Voice of Russia also continues insisting that 90 percent of Crimea and Sevastopol’s citizens said “yes” in the election whether Crimea should join Russia, even thought the actual voting turnout was very low.

Approximately 12 percent of the local population are Tatars who boycotted the election. Also about 24 percent of population are ethnic Ukrainians who either did not come to vote or said “no”. From our independent sources, we found out that the same voting percentage was among ethnic Russians in Crimea. The unofficial Russian delegation that was watching the voting process says that the percentage of the Crimea’s citizens that actually voted “yes” can be as low as 30.

Radio The Voice of Russia is state-owned

In general The Voice of Russia radio provides the propaganda that is only in interest of the Russian regime. It is no surprise if to know that the station is owned and financed by Russia.

According to the section “About Us” of website there are 28 employees in The Voice of Russia. But there are no Danish name among them, only Russian.

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